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There is something magical about the unknown. There is a trait of curiosity and an overwhelming desire to understand that everyone shares. Today’s web comic is an excerpt from Sam Aldins “Haunter”, A colorful tale about an adventurer who stumbles upon a strange ruin and awakens something from within.

This excerpt shows our protagonist as he first discovers something new and unknown. Visually, through heavy outlines and beautiful water coloring, the ruins are bright and mysterious, they stand alone among the more blue toned background.

Ceres & Calypso in the Deep Time, is Candy Claws debut LP, A concept album that tells the story of a young girl who falls into the ocean from a journeying ship, and is saved by a magical seal who takes her through time in earths billions of years of life.

The album like our strip for the day focus on this idea of the unknown, and not being afraid to venture forth. Walls of sound, Color, Imagery, all used together between two mediums to convey the same concept. Both from different worlds, yet when experienced share the same interpretations.

Our journey in this blog is to find these connections, and share them with the world.


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