Perry Bible Fellowship


Color is one of those things shared in all facets of art. The designation of color in a scene sets the tone for the stories setting. Todays strips focus on comics from The Perry Bible Fellowship,  Non linear one off strips that usually have interesting twists for punchlines. Nicholas Gurewich, the comics artist utilizes color to not only blend themes, but to reminisce on other artistic stylings. The final panel in this strips contrasts the monstrous mountain with the cheery nature of the rainbow’d clouds. blending cheery with brooding and fear.

Color as well can be heard in music. Every texture within a piece of music contributes to the overall color. Things like:

  • Tempo
  • Instruments
  • Note Length
  • Volume
  • Voices

To name a few.

The Avalanches – Since I Left You

Since I left you is one of the perfect examples of a piece of music that has bright colors.

The Album itself was pieced together by the band using nothing but samples from vinyl records. All in all the album incorporates roughly 3500 samples that have been worked together to become its own full length album. The album is a conceptual release designed to tell a love story. The tracks throughout use light tones, looping voices, and a steady uptempo rhythm to portray bright and vibrant colors.



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