The Meek


Perry Bible Fellowship

There is something dreary in monotone color and spacious shading. We take another look at the Perry Bible Fellowship to shed light into the other side of color, the meek.

Using a different medium and artistic style Nicholas Gurewich shifts from a piece that was vibrant in colors to one that uses far less and relies on space and shading to fill his strip with the feeling of dullness and bleakness. The strips joke as well has been restructured to fit the scope of the strip.

The Caretaker – An Empty Bliss Beyond This World

Caretaker created An Empty Bliss Beyond This World inspired by his interactions with Alzheimer’s patients who experienced the phenomena of having better recollection of memories when listening to music nostalgic to their youth and early lives. The piece rings nostalgia from a past long behind us. The tones are long and sway into each other, cracks can be heard as if the piece was being played through an analog record player, each texture in the album seemingly monotonous in color like our strip for the day.


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