Editorial Comics by Matt Bors



There has always been an itch to comment on government and politics through the use of art. Some of the first comics created did that very thing. They were a way for the people to exercise their freedom of opinion and press. Today we look at a strip from Matt Bors personal blog. One of many he uses his work to poke fun at current politics and really shows his voice while writing some very funny material.

We will stray away from taking stances and talking about actual politics in this post, and focus more on the comments made on it through artists work.

Gil Scott-Heron is an activist, a poet, and an artist who throughout his career used his voice to make comments on social status and the state of our nation in its times.

His track The Revolution Will Not Be Televised from his 1971 album Pieces of a Man is one of many songs where the lyrics can equally be as powerful as a spoken word piece as it is in its rhythm and blues/ funk settings. The words easily transcend time ringing true even today, years after its pressing.


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