Evil-Inc – Brad Guigar

Evil-Inc is about a corporation run by supervillains for other villains, and the spreading of evil and havoc. The super villain is the most common antagonist character you can find in a comic, spanning even past comics through literature the hero always has an equal power to push against them to overcome. Brad does a great job in taking these characters and really adding humor to show their inadequacies.

Villains are even in the music we listen to.

The artist MF Doom is a super villain who even has a back story. In the mid and late 80s Doom started under the name Zev Luv X in a rap group KMD, a powerful trio comprised of Zev, his brother Subroc, and their friend Rodan who left before the group was signed. Before the group hit their stride Zevs brother Subroc was involved in an incident and left dead, competely traumatizing Zev as an artist cause him to disband the group and disappear. He reappeared at the end of the 90s under the guise of a metal mask usually seen on the Marvel character Dr. Doom. He reemerged as a villain to take over the rap game. Or so is his story. The album Operation Doomsday is laden with snippets from early marvel cartoons and various voice samples from cartoons mixed with classic samples created from his MPC. His lyrics can at points be hard to follow, and overall hard to comprehend but his personality and the way he writes is truely unmatched by others and there have never been other artists to write in the cadence that he strings together.


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