Evil-Inc – Brad Guigar

Evil-Inc is about a corporation run by supervillains for other villains, and the spreading of evil and havoc. The super villain is the most common antagonist character you can find in a comic, spanning even past comics through literature the hero always has an equal power to push against them to overcome. Brad does a great job in taking these characters and really adding humor to show their inadequacies.

Villains are even in the music we listen to.

The artist MF Doom is a super villain who even has a back story. In the mid and late 80s Doom started under the name Zev Luv X in a rap group KMD, a powerful trio comprised of Zev, his brother Subroc, and their friend Rodan who left before the group was signed. Before the group hit their stride Zevs brother Subroc was involved in an incident and left dead, competely traumatizing Zev as an artist cause him to disband the group and disappear. He reappeared at the end of the 90s under the guise of a metal mask usually seen on the Marvel character Dr. Doom. He reemerged as a villain to take over the rap game. Or so is his story. The album Operation Doomsday is laden with snippets from early marvel cartoons and various voice samples from cartoons mixed with classic samples created from his MPC. His lyrics can at points be hard to follow, and overall hard to comprehend but his personality and the way he writes is truely unmatched by others and there have never been other artists to write in the cadence that he strings together.


The Unexpected


Three Word Phrase – Ryan Pequin

Ryan Pequin is an artist who does a very good job of saving his jokes for the last few panels. Mostly done in 3-4 strip snips, Three Word Phrase is a constant rollercoaster of seemingly normal strips that have bizarre and somewhat twisted endings. As innocent as the styling is you do not expect to encounter a panel of a character driving a vehicle literally pieced together using people. The unexpected is one of those things you never see coming and would not expect.

Throbbing Gristle is an Industrial band from Britain who during the late 70s and 80s produced music with the use of synthesizers, drums, guitars, but also found objects, voices and during shows, intense imagery. The album 20 Jazz Funk Greats is one of many albums that utilizes the presence of one thing but delivering something completely different. While the album seemingly starts with a 4/4 groove the music slowly shifts into a whirring torrent of disorienting sounds and noises. The albums art and title were meant to mock the standards of popular music that were being released at the time of its publishing in 1979


Blue – Pat Grant


Blue is a comic by Pat Grant which focuses on a young australian revisiting a town he grew up in to find that much of it has changed. Rather than focus on story I want to shift focus to the colors. The artist capitalizes on setting a tone using almost primarily shades of blue. This is done to reflect on the calmness of the setting the characters are participating in. It reflects a coastal town, breezing with cool air and scents of salt from the ocean, the theme is consistent throughout

Boards of Canada is one of those groups who in terms of tone and feeling remain consistent not only throughout their album Music Has The Right To Children but throughout their career. They pioneered IDM (intelligent dance music) and Triphop as we now it today. The feelings expressed in this release are that of the calm and free. The tracks were meant to give the feeling of love, life and the happiness of youth. The music through its textures and swirling synths reflects the albums art and color



Editorial Comics by Matt Bors


There has always been an itch to comment on government and politics through the use of art. Some of the first comics created did that very thing. They were a way for the people to exercise their freedom of opinion and press. Today we look at a strip from Matt Bors personal blog. One of many he uses his work to poke fun at current politics and really shows his voice while writing some very funny material.

We will stray away from taking stances and talking about actual politics in this post, and focus more on the comments made on it through artists work.

Gil Scott-Heron is an activist, a poet, and an artist who throughout his career used his voice to make comments on social status and the state of our nation in its times.

His track The Revolution Will Not Be Televised from his 1971 album Pieces of a Man is one of many songs where the lyrics can equally be as powerful as a spoken word piece as it is in its rhythm and blues/ funk settings. The words easily transcend time ringing true even today, years after its pressing.

The Meek


Perry Bible Fellowship

There is something dreary in monotone color and spacious shading. We take another look at the Perry Bible Fellowship to shed light into the other side of color, the meek.

Using a different medium and artistic style Nicholas Gurewich shifts from a piece that was vibrant in colors to one that uses far less and relies on space and shading to fill his strip with the feeling of dullness and bleakness. The strips joke as well has been restructured to fit the scope of the strip.

The Caretaker – An Empty Bliss Beyond This World

Caretaker created An Empty Bliss Beyond This World inspired by his interactions with Alzheimer’s patients who experienced the phenomena of having better recollection of memories when listening to music nostalgic to their youth and early lives. The piece rings nostalgia from a past long behind us. The tones are long and sway into each other, cracks can be heard as if the piece was being played through an analog record player, each texture in the album seemingly monotonous in color like our strip for the day.



Perry Bible Fellowship


Color is one of those things shared in all facets of art. The designation of color in a scene sets the tone for the stories setting. Todays strips focus on comics from The Perry Bible Fellowship,  Non linear one off strips that usually have interesting twists for punchlines. Nicholas Gurewich, the comics artist utilizes color to not only blend themes, but to reminisce on other artistic stylings. The final panel in this strips contrasts the monstrous mountain with the cheery nature of the rainbow’d clouds. blending cheery with brooding and fear.

Color as well can be heard in music. Every texture within a piece of music contributes to the overall color. Things like:

  • Tempo
  • Instruments
  • Note Length
  • Volume
  • Voices

To name a few.

The Avalanches – Since I Left You

Since I left you is one of the perfect examples of a piece of music that has bright colors.

The Album itself was pieced together by the band using nothing but samples from vinyl records. All in all the album incorporates roughly 3500 samples that have been worked together to become its own full length album. The album is a conceptual release designed to tell a love story. The tracks throughout use light tones, looping voices, and a steady uptempo rhythm to portray bright and vibrant colors.



Haunter01_08Haunter01_09 (1)Haunter01_10


There is something magical about the unknown. There is a trait of curiosity and an overwhelming desire to understand that everyone shares. Today’s web comic is an excerpt from Sam Aldins “Haunter”, A colorful tale about an adventurer who stumbles upon a strange ruin and awakens something from within.

This excerpt shows our protagonist as he first discovers something new and unknown. Visually, through heavy outlines and beautiful water coloring, the ruins are bright and mysterious, they stand alone among the more blue toned background.

Ceres & Calypso in the Deep Time, is Candy Claws debut LP, A concept album that tells the story of a young girl who falls into the ocean from a journeying ship, and is saved by a magical seal who takes her through time in earths billions of years of life.

The album like our strip for the day focus on this idea of the unknown, and not being afraid to venture forth. Walls of sound, Color, Imagery, all used together between two mediums to convey the same concept. Both from different worlds, yet when experienced share the same interpretations.

Our journey in this blog is to find these connections, and share them with the world.

Hey! Listen!

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